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Background and Mission

SkyPro, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) and a local university successfully co-developed a cooling mask with a patented cooling coating originated from food grade ingredient – Natsu Cool.

Natsu – means summer in Japanese, we hope every time users wearing on the Natsu Cool, just like swimming in a hot summer with coolest feeling.

The ingredient of the refrigerant is commonly applied in chewing gum, which can reduce the temperature around the mask by absorbing water vapor and consuming heat energy. The 3D design of Natsu Cool expands the space for breathing and offers an extraordinary breathable and cooling mask experience to users.

Co-developed with HKRITA and local university

Natsu Cool is the successful result of the cooperation between SkyPro, HKRITA and a local university. After series of research and experiment since early 2019, we have successfully come up with a significant upgraded cooling mask with a comfortable and safe mask experience, when compared with similar products on the market.


Patented Cooling Coating

The patented cooling coating can capture warm moisture from exhaled breath to initiate the hygroscopic and endothermic reaction that lowers down the humidity and temperature of masked areas and hence leaves a cool and breathable feeling to the user.


Touch Feeling of Coolness with Q-Max 0.471

Q-Max is a scientific measure of touch feeling of warmth or coolness. It is used to evaluate whether the skin feels cold or warm when touching the fabric. The higher the Q-Max number, the cooler it will be.

Natsu Cool is made of materials with a Q-Max value of 0.471, which is higher than general cooling masks on the market (Q-Max valued around 0.3 -0.4).

Maximum 5oC lower

The cooling effect of Natsu Cool is superior. Experiments have shown that the surface temperature of the inner layer of Natsu Cool can be maximum 5oC lower than normal mask. The patented coating continuously absorbs warm exhaled moisture and consumes the surrounding heat energy to sustain the cooling effect.


Cooling Effect: Sustained VS Instant

Natsu Cool creates a more sustained cooling effect by deploying “multiple” cooling principles and using the patented food grade refrigerant. The user’s cooling experience is greatly enhanced when compared with the other cooling masks in the market which only focus on creating an instant and short-lifted cooling feeling by using fast heat conductive materials.

Sustained Cooling

Instant Cooling

Cooling Principle
The patented coating is used to activate the hygroscopic and endothermic reaction, absorb the moisture and heat from exhaled breath, and continuously reduce the temperature of the mask
Using fast heat conductive materials to achieve the cooling effect
Cooling Effect
Long lasting and the temperature can be stably cooled
Instantaneous, but short lifted

The patented coating continuously absorbs warm exhaled moisture keeping the mask in a relatively dry and breathable state, avoids the fogging of glasses when breathing, and alleviates the problem of mask acne caused by long-term mask wearing.


Design of Natsu Cool

Compared with the common flat design of cooling masks on the market, the 3D design of Natsu Cool enables an expanded stereo breathing zone to promote gas exchange, together with its low-resistant and high-efficiency filtering layer to improve the air permeability.

The patented cooling coating captures the water vapor and it could be more easily evaporated and carried away by air current upon breathing, which in turn promotes heat dissipation, and enhance the cooling effect.

The 4-layer design, the patented cool hygroscopic layer, the instant cooling inner layer, and the breathable low-resistant filtering layer work together effectively. Natsu Cool makes uses of 'multiple' cooling principles to provide a comfortable, breathable and cool experience. The filtering layer can filter micro to nano-sized particles such as viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen with the filtration efficiencies all >99%

Water Resistant Layer

Hydrophobic fabric to block large particles such as droplets, pollen and dust

Low-Resistant High-Efficiency Filtering Layer

Adopt low-resistant materials to promote gas exchange and water volatilization to enhance the cooling effect, high-efficiency filtration performance, filtering micro- to nano-sized particles, including PM 0.1, bacteria, viruses

Cool Hygroscopic Layer

The patented coating absorbs the warm exhaled moisture and continuously lowers the temperature

Cooling Layer

Use fast heat conductive materials to guide away the heat on the skin to achieve an instant cooling sensation


Mask Size

Medium: 195 x 127mm

Large: 220 x 140mm


Test Reports

Results from Nelson Labs indicated that Natsu Cool has attained the filtration efficiency over 99% at the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), particle filtration efficiency (PFE) and viral filtration efficiency (VFE) tests, which means that the protection level is equivalent to that of standard surgical masks.

In addition, Natsu Cool has completed material testing and the refrigerant padded on the fabric is of food grade. Also, we have obtained laboratory report confirming regarding no traceable formaldehyde content in Natsu Cool, guaranteeing the safety of the product.

Q-Max Test Report

CE Standard EN14683 Type II

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Report

Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) Report

Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) Report

Business certificate of edible grade refrigerant

Formaldehyde Test Report

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